Facebook Changes and Steps to Take for Your Business Pages

Soon, your business pages in Facebook will have the option to change to the New Pages Experience. This new format has some good features, but it gets rid of “Likes” to your page. Up to now, Facebook allowed a person to “Like” and/or “Follow” your page. This is why you will sometimes see that your Page has more Likes than Followers, or vice versa. Followers have a much better chance at seeing your content over someone who simply liked the page. Switching over to the new Page experience, however, impacts who currently interacts with your Page.

What the change means

When you switch over:

  • The ability to Like a page is going away. You’ll only be able to Follow a page. This is a good change as it removes confusion for page visitors
  • People who both Liked and Followed your page will be converted to Followers in the new Page experience.
  • People who only Followed your page will be converted to Followers in the new Page experience.
  • People who only Liked your page but didn’t click on Follow, will be lost once converted to the new Page experience.

You’ll see the option to switch to the new experience on your Page manager. You may not see it right away, as Facebook tends to roll things out slowly. You don’t have to do it right away, but if Facebook stays to its normal routine, you will most likely have to switch eventually. You should do it but you should take some steps first.

What you can do

Once the option to switch shows up for you, hold off a bit. Make a few posts announcing that you’ll be making the change to the enhanced Page and ask people to Follow your page if they don’t already, so they don’t miss anything. This will help minimize the loss of people who only Liked your page.

Followers of your page now will most likely see these posts. But to ensure that those who only Liked your page have a chance, it’s a good idea to pay to boost those posts to people who like you page so they see it too.

There are other layout changes and new features that you can read about here.