Communication / Brand Audits

You don’t know how well you communicate until you thoroughly assess it.

You most likely have your accountant audit your finances every year but, chances are, you’ve never had your communications and marketing audited. A communications audit determines the effectiveness and efficiency of all your communications across all channels to each of your audiences– both internal and external. Audits can illuminate areas of strength and weakness and help refine the path of your quest. What you get is a detailed report with recommendations and suggestions for improving all your communications. It can help reveal ways to not only get engaged customers but also retaining them. They may vary in scope, depending on your needs, but typically include:

  • Assessment of your brand’s quest (purpose) for clarity and focus.
  • Needs assessment: What are the business goals you’re trying to achieve? Are they clear to both you and your audiences?
  • Audience assessment and identification: Who are your audiences and how do they find you? How do they perceive your brand? How do you know? Audiences may include customers, members, staff, suppliers, legislators, or anyone else you rely on for success.
  • Organizational listening: Does the organization have systems in place to gather feedback from key audiences? Is that information being used to develop communication strategies and messaging?
  • Audience objectives: What do you want each of your audiences to do? What do they need to know in order to do those things? Are you and your staff delivering on that?
  • Message evaluation: Are your messages clear? Do they include a call to action your audiences know how to do? Are they appropriate for your target audiences? Are they consistent?
  • Existing communications review: All marketing messages, channels, and outcomes are reviewed with an eye to identifying opportunities for improvement. This includes website statistics and SEO, keyword integration, content of your brochures, newsletters, blogs, and even how your staff works with customers.
  • Review of competitor communications: This includes an SEO, keywords, and ranking comparison of competitor websites and messaging.