Nonprofit Services

The nonprofit sector is an important part of my work and I believe in making nonprofits as self-sufficient as possible. That means in our work together, I take into account your available resources in all work I do with you together.

Mindset Training & Strategic Planning

“There is not enough money, people, resources, time.” This pervasive sense of “not enough” is crippling too many nonprofits who do good work. Changing this set of limiting beliefs from one of “not enough” to one of abundance is a powerful force to changing your nonprofit and it’s approach to strategic planning. Learn More

Communication Audits

Chances are you have a professional audit of your financials every year. But have you had your communications audited? It is a great first step in developing a cogent and structured strategic communications plan.

Content and Positioning

  • Social Media Management
  • Content Marketing and story development
  • Traditional/Digital Media Relations
  • Purpose-driven Digital and Print Campaigns
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Websites
  • Annual Reports
  • Brochures

Social Change Messaging & Branding

A key struggle for nonprofits of every size is moving beyond the mission statement and program descriptions to a uniting clarity of purpose message. This work is absolutely critical to attract, engage, and retain funders, volunteers, board members, partners, and any other audience you’ll rely on for success. Learn More

Strategic Communication Plans

You cannot build a house without a blueprint. Yet, far too often, nonprofits get caught up in trying to do just that. A good plan can cover:

  • Organization-wide communications across all channels (recommended)internal and external
  • Customer service connections
  • Positioning
  • Issues management
  • Crisis communication
  • Community Relations
  • Fundraising
  • Events

Storytelling & Interpersonal Communication Training

While stories have been the foundation of human communication for millennia, using them to further your mission takes practice. he same story patterns have persisted for millennia and how our brains are hardwired for certain patterns. Participants learn the basic structure and how to tell a story in one sentence or in a longer form. Applicable to your personal brand, explaining your mission, the impact of your programs, or your case statements for fundraising.

Interpersonal Communication: Drawn from Robert’s extensive experience training healthcare professionals to communicate effectively with families after a death of a loved one, this training brings participants the skills needed to be more effective communicators on a personal level.

Let’s build something great together.